Thursday, July 7, 2011

Call The Office, London Ontario

Hi. If you play in a touring band, you see a lot of dressing rooms. In fact, the different room you spend your evening in every night becomes your "room", like your room at home in your own personal house, because it's where you unwind before and after work, where you read the paper, talk with friends, and have a drink. Thankfully, dressing rooms the world over have been artfully adorned by other bands and creative types by one reccuring visual mantra - drawings of penises. This blog will document this frightening and stupefying cultural wall paper.

The first time I visited Call the Office, it was maybe 2001, I went to see No Warning open for Hatebreed. Last weekend FU played there and I got a first hand view at the dressing room. Here is what it had to offer:

Elephant dick (with additional penis-tusks)

Calm and collected penis retrospective (this was in the bathroom, and as you can see, had become a heated debate by the time I got there)

Swastika Dick! It makes so much sense.

GBH dick fucking another dick (with scrotum getting fucked)

Why? (question mark dick, baby victim)

The walls of the dressing room were so infested with dicks, that someone had to draw their dick INSIDE the refridgerator. This was on the shelf where the eggs usually go.


Chill dick.



I never will.
This meta dick was placed like a giant god above all the other dick creatures.